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Glass Cooktop Cleaner & Polish 3-Pack

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Glass Cooktop Cleaner & Polish reveals incredible shine and a streak-free finish with plant-based cleaning agents you can feel good about. This scratch-free formula easily removes burnt-on grease and grime. Simply apply, buff, and admire your like-new cooktop. 


💪 Grime Busting
🌿 100% Natural Essential Oil Scent
🌎 USDA Certified BioBased
🐰 Certified Cruelty-Free

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Things to feel good about:

  • Streak-Free
  • Scratch-Free
  • Plant-Based
  • Surface Protection
  • Cruelty-Free

Things to let go of: 

  • Ammonia
  • Alcohol
  • Phosphates
  • Petroleum Solvents
  • Synthetic Fragrances
  • Testing on Animals


How to use: 

  1. Allow surface to cool. 
  2. Shake well and apply to a soft cloth or scrubbing pad.
  3. Wipe & buff to shine. Feel good!

Safe for use on: Glass and ceramic cooktops.





Filtered water Holds ingredients together Local
Calcium carbonate Cleaning agent Mineral-based
Decyl glucoside
Cleaning agent

Cocamidopropyl betaine
Cleaning agent
Polishing agent
Lemon essential oil blend Scent Plant-based
Acrylates copolymer Thickener Synthetic
Preservative Synthetic
Glass Cooktop Cleaner & Polish 3-Pack

Glass Cooktop Cleaner & Polish 3-Pack

$26.85 $29.85