Minimalism Frees You Up to Live Fully

In our quest to live a better life, we found surprising comfort in minimalism: a trend that's gaining momentum for good reason. 

Life is complicated… With society and social media pressures, we’ve become victims of consumerism. Getting “stuff” delivered to our doorstep has never been easier. A simple press of a button and your enticing goods are in your hands merely hours later. 

 Studies have shown that, much like gambling, shopping activates the brain’s reward system with a spike in dopamine. At its worst, online shopping can become a destructive addiction. At its best, we've all got one of those junk drawers full of “stuff” we rarely use - if at all. 

Shopping temporarily spikes our happiness, but then it drops, and the urge to get that next amazing gadget comes back. This throws us into a vicious, toxic, detrimental, and never-ending cycle, and worst of all, it deprives us of a freer, simpler, happier life.

 Enter Minimalism.  

Joshua Fields Millburn, from Netflix's documentary The Minimalists - Less Is Now, defines minimalism as “the thing that gets us past the things so we can make room for life’s most important things, which actually are not things at all.” Confused? We got you! Read on…

Minimalism is not about living in a space with blank walls and no possessions. It is about embracing only what we truly need or what brings us joy, or serves an important purpose in our lives. It requires a critical examination of our possessions downsizing to the essentials. Starting small, like tackling one drawer at a time, can lead to transformative changes throughout our homes. By asking ourselves if each item adds value or joy, we create space for what truly matters. 

 For those of us who struggle with letting go of our possessions, some people suggest you pack everything in boxes, as if you are moving, and only put back the things you find amiss over the following 3-4 weeks. Everything left in boxes becomes unnecessary. Out of sight, out of mind. 

 The outcome? A profound sense of liberation. We reclaim our time, our thoughts, and our environment, making room for meaningful experiences and for deep relationships with others and -more importantly- with ourselves. As we shed the excess, we're prompted to ponder life's deeper questions, prioritizing fulfillment over material accumulation. It is catharsis at its best.

 Embracing minimalism has simplified our lives, allowing us to focus on what truly matters: time, relationships, personal growth, contribution, and contentment. It has allowed for more time to spend outdoors, enjoying nature and other souls. It has opened up time and space for introspection. We realize now, that minimalism is about intentionally living, letting go of unnecessary possessions that become distractions, and embracing a path towards genuine simplicity and fulfillment. 

We challenge you to give it a try. Once you start, you won't want to stop.

Therapy Clean is Your Partner on the Journey to Slow Down and Simplify

Just as minimalism encourages us to prioritize what truly matters, Therapy Clean offers products that align with this ethos, providing effective cleaning solutions without unnecessary additives or chemicals. By embracing Therapy Clean, you not only create a cleaner, healthier home environment but also contribute to a lifestyle focused on intentionality and well-being. Just as decluttering our physical spaces brings clarity and peace, incorporating Therapy Clean into your cleaning routine can bring a sense of simplicity and contentment to your everyday life. So, as you embark on your minimalist journey, consider making Therapy Clean a part of it—because sometimes, less truly is more.

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