Cleaning Tips for Keeping Kids' Toys Fresh and Safe

As summer approaches, it's time to refresh your home and outdoor spaces. Here at Therapy Clean, we think our all-purpose cleaner is the ideal go-to solution for keeping kids' toys fresh, safe, and ready for play. Whether they're indoor favorites or outdoor equipment that's been in storage, these tips ensure a thorough clean for a healthy play environment.

Best Ways to Clean Indoor Toys

Gather all indoor toys, including stuffed animals, plastic figures, and interactive gadgets. Use our all-purpose cleaner to wipe down each item, focusing on surfaces that are frequently touched or prone to dirt buildup. To avoid oversaturation, spray the cleaner onto a cloth and then wipe the toy. Avoid spraying directly onto toys with electronic components. 

For soft toys, follow the manufacturer's cleaning instructions to maintain their quality and safety. You might be surprised that many stuffed animals can safely enjoy a spin through the washing machine on a delicate cycle and a gentle tumble dry on your dryer’s lowest setting! 

Maintaining Outdoor Toys and Equipment

With warmer weather (finally!) on the horizon, outdoor play becomes a favorite pastime for kids. However, outdoor toys can accumulate dust, debris, and even mold if not properly maintained, especially during long periods of seasonal storage, like we experience here in New England. To tackle the task of cleaning outdoor toys, we like to start with larger pieces of equipment and work our way down to the smaller stuff.

Begin by inspecting outdoor equipment such as slides, swings, and playhouses for any signs of damage or wear. Use our all-purpose cleaner to disinfect and sanitize these items, paying close attention to areas that come into direct contact with children, such as handrails and seating surfaces. If you have a sandbox, inspect it to ensure that it hasn’t become a winter home to small critters, like mice or insects.

Toys that have been in storage over the winter months may require extra care before being reintroduced for play. Before cleaning, inspect each item for signs of damage, mold, or pest infestation. We like to mix a quarter cup of our dish soap with a gallon of water to create a grime-busting solution to thoroughly clean and sanitize these toys, ensuring they are safe and ready for use. Use a rag dipped in this mix to wipe down things like bikes and scooter, and then dunk any hard plastic toys (like wiffle balls, frisbees and lawn toys) right into the bucket for a good soak. Afterwards, leave these items to dry out naturally in the sunshine and ensure that everything is completely dry before returning it to its proper place to ensure that mold or mildew don’t stand a chance.

Consider Toy Rotation and Organization

As part of your spring cleaning routine, consider implementing a toy rotation system to keep playtime fresh and engaging for kids. Store unused toys in labeled bins or containers, rotating them periodically to maintain interest and reduce clutter. Organize toys by category or age appropriateness to make it easier for children to access and enjoy their playthings.

The Benefits of a Clean and Safe Play Environment

Maintaining a clean and safe play environment benefits children's health and well-being. A clean space reduces the risk of infections and illnesses, ensuring kids can play without worry. Additionally, a clutter-free environment promotes creativity and imagination, allowing children to fully immerse themselves in their play activities.

Because Therapy’s Clean’s products are specially formulated to tackle various surfaces and materials commonly found in kids' toys, they are an ideal way to create a clean and safe environment for your kids to play. And not only do our formulas effectively remove dirt, grime, and germs while being gentle on delicate items, you can felt confident that our plant-based products will never leave behind harsh or toxic chemical residue. So go ahead and tackle those toys with safe products you can trust and ensure that every playtime is filled with joy, creativity, and peace of mind.
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